Peggy Martin Rose
Peggy Martin

I am presently Vice President of Membership for the Heritage Rose Foundation. Our purpose is to preserve all roses worldwide and work towards this goal with repository Gardens across the Country. Chambersville Repository Rose Garden in Chambersville, Texas; San Jose Heritage Rose Garden in California; The American Rose Society Garden in Shreveport, Louisiana (The Heritage Roses Garden Section); Armstrong Park Rose Garden New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Heritage Rose Foundation
P.O.Box 1719 Gonzales, La. 70707

I am also the Old Garden Rose and Shrub Chairman for the American Rose Society - Gulf District Area. I belong to many Rose Societies - my longest memberships being in the New Orleans Old Garden Rose Society, the Baton Rouge Rose Society, Cenla Rose Society, Texas Rose Rustlers, and the Dallas Area Historical Rose Society- they all have wonderful newsletters.

A percentage of funds collected on sale of rose will be donated to the Heritage Rose Foundation, and also to the American Rose Society.

I would love to hear comments on the Peggy Martin Rose and see photos of how well your rose is growing and blooming. Please write to me at:

Peggy Martin
40478 Loosemore Rd.
Gonzales, La. 70737

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